Andre Rieu and Carmen Monarcha

Andre Rieu and Carmen Monarcha

In 1987, he created the Johann Strauss Orchestra and established his own production company. Since then, his melodramatic stage performances and rock-star demeanor have been widely associated with a revival of the waltz music category. André Rieu plays a 1667 Stradivarius violin.

Johann Strauss Orchestra
Main article: Johann Strauss Orchestra

The Orchestra began in 1987 with 12 members, giving its first concert on 1 January 1988. Over the years it has expanded dramatically, nowadays performing with between 80 and 150 musicians.

At the time the Orchestra first toured Europe, a renewed interest in waltz music emerged in the continent. The revival began in the Netherlands and was ignited by their recording of the Second Waltz from Shostakovich’s Suite for Variety Orchestra. As a result, Rieu became known as the modern “Waltz King”, a title originally bestowed upon Johann Strauss II.

Rieu and his orchestra have performed throughout Europe, North and South America, Japan, and Australia. The size and revenue of their tours are rivaled only by the largest pop and rock music acts.

In 2008 Rieu’s extravagant tour featured a full size reproduction of Empress Sisi’s Castle, the biggest stage ever to go on tour at that time. During the first half of 2009, André Rieu was the world’s most successful male touring artist, according to Billboard magazine.

Selected discography

Maastricht Salon Orkest – Serenata (1984)
Hieringe biete 1 (1989)
D’n blauwen aovond (1992)
Merry Christmas (1992)
Strauss & Co (1994)
The Vienna I Love (1995)
In Concert (1996)
Strauss Gala (1997)
The Christmas I Love (October 1997)
Romantic Moments (1998)
100 Years of Strauss (1999)
Fiesta! (October 1999)
La vie est belle (2000) – Berlin

Musik zum Träumen (Dreaming) (2001)
Live at the Royal Albert Hall (April 2002)
Love Around the World (November 2002)
Gala Concert (December 2002) – Hamburg
Romantic Paradise (September 2003) – Cortona, Italy
Live in Dublin (October 2003)
André Rieu at the Movies (March 2004)
The Flying Dutchman (July 2004)
Live in Tuscany (September 2004)
Songs from My Heart (2005)
Roses from the South (June 2005) – Mainau, Germany
New Year’s Eve in Vienna (October 2005)

Auf Schönbrunn (July 2006) – Vienna)
Christmas Around the World (October 2006)
New York Memories (November 2006) – Radio City NY
The 100 Most Beautiful Melodies (May 2007) – Australian Albums: No.2
Masterpieces (September 2007) – Australian Albums: No.9
In Wonderland (November 2007) – Efteling, Nederland
Waltzing Matilda (April 2008) – Australian Albums: No.1
Live in Vienna (September 2008)
Ich tanze mit dir in den Himmel hinein (October 2008) – Wedding, Semper Opera, Dresden
Live in Maastricht II (November 2008)
Live in Australia (December 2008) – Australian Albums: No.14
You’ll Never Walk Alone (May 2009) – Australian Albums: No.2
Live in Maastricht III (September 8, 2009)
I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg (September 29, 2009) – with the Berlin Comedian Harmonists
The Very Best of André Rieu (October 2009) – Australian Albums: No.23
Forever Vienna (December 2009) – UK: #2, IRE: No.4
You Raise Me Up – Songs for Mum (May 2010) – Australian Albums: No.8
My African Dream (August 2010) – South Africa
Live in Maastricht IV (September 2010)
Moonlight Serenade (November 2010) – Australian Albums: No.17

And the Waltz Goes On (2011)
Live in Brazil (2012)
Home for Christmas (December 11, 2012)
Live in Maastricht VI (October 2013) – 25th anniversary
Nuits magiques (November 2013)
Music of the Night (2013)
Love Letters (February 2014)
Les mélodies du bonheur (May 2014)
Un amour à Venise (November 2014)

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