Antonio Vega – Vapor

Antonio Vega – Vapor

Antonio Vega – Vapor

Antonio Vega Tallés (a.k.a. Antonio Vega) (December 16, 1957 – May 12, 2009) was a Spanish pop singer-songwriter. He was born in Madrid and died in the same city, succumbing to lung cancer.

He was 51 years old. In 1978 he formed the band Nacha Pop out of another band, Uhu-Helicopter. In 1980, Nacha Pop released their debut album. The band broke up in 1988 and Antonio began a solo career.

On April 20, 2009 Antonio Vega was admitted to the Hospital Puerta de Hierro in Madrid due to acute pneumonia that forced him to suspend his tour. He died on May 12th, at 51 years old, as a result of lung cancer that was diagnosed 10 months earlier.

Solo career

Studio Albums
1991 – No me iré mañana
1994 – Océano de sol
1998 – Anatomía de una ola
2001 – De un lugar perdido
2005 – 3000 noches con Marga

Live Albums

2002 – Básico (Madrid concert in El Círculo de Bellas Artes)


1992 – El sitio de mi recreo (Best ballads compilation)
1993 – Ese chico triste y solitario (Tribute by various artists)
2004 – Escapadas (Album of collaborations)

With Nacha Pop

Studio Albums
1980 – Nacha Pop
1982 – Buena disposición
1983 – Más números, otras letras
1984 – Una décima de segundo
1985 – Dibujos animados
1987 – El momento

Live Albums

1988 – Nacha Pop 1980-1988 (Live Album)
2008 – Tour 80-08 Reiniciando (2 CDs + DVD. Live recording)

With Un Mar al Sur

2008 – Un sueño compartido

With ” Marta Sanchez “

Marta Sanchez album ” De Par en Par “

2010 -” Escrito Sobre el Viento “

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