Balázs Fecó & Keresztes Ildikó – A csönd éve

Balázs Fecó & Keresztes Ildikó – A csönd éve

Balázs Fecó & Keresztes Ildikó – A csönd éve

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Ferenc Balázs (nicknamed Balázs Fecó, Budapest, 1951. March 2 -) Franz Liszt Prize-winning Hungarian singer, musician.

He was a member of the Béla Bartók Music High School in the school orchestra. 1967 of Neoton ensemble member of Enterprise started. 1972 in Som Lajos left the band and founded Hungary’s first hard-rock band, the Taurus XT -t, which is 1973 in It broke up. Balázs Fecó After two years working abroad.

After I got home, 1976 in Koncz Zsuzsa has been accompanying the band, and then in 1978 in building on this ensemble he founded the Chorale ensemble.

Ferenc Balázs re-shaped and an independent ensemble. 1978 was the debut concert in the Buda Youth Park, but now it was only the founding Fecó Balázs left the old ones. Became a new member of the band Fischer Laszlo and Zsolt Scholler, who Tibor Fekete was replaced in 1983 in.

1978 in Zoltan Rebate, 1979 in Tamás Papp tapped him in 1980 from Dorozsmai has been replaced. A version of melodic hard rock style was played.

They have performed in Bulgaria, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. The 1,981-inch dance song festival in the sand in the wind, their song was a huge success. Five-year birthday celebration of Small Stadium took place, which also appeared in the East and 100 degrees Folk ensemble.

1979 – 1984 after six in a row keyboard player of the year was chosen among the best. 1986 in the Coral disbanded. 1986 from Fecó solo career.

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