Club Bossa – Barrie Gledden

Club Bossa – Barrie Gledden

Club Bossa – Barrie Gledden

Barrie Gledden is a musician & composer based in the north of England who, since 2001, has written & recorded exclusively for Audio Network.

He has contributed music to thousands of TV programs, films and trailers world wide, including the Oscar winning Her, Ophan Black, Anchorman, Kickass, Sugar Rush and Horizon as well as music for computer games, radio, corporate video & advertising.

His work has been used by the BBC, C4, NBC, Warner Bros, Disney, Nintendo, Burger King, Vodaphone, Citroen and countless others.

Barrie composes and records all his music at his own recording studio – Studio b. The studio has an impressive collection of classic and modern equipment and instruments and provides a unique sonic fingerprint to all his music.

This site provides useful & (hopefully) interesting images and information about his approach to composing, recording & mixing, ‘behind the scenes’ photo blogs & videos of album sessions & more.

Barrie began playing guitar at 14 and is completely self-taught. The guitar became an instant obsession and even though he didn’t take music at school, he still found the time to practice for 9 hours per day!

In his teens he worked in theatre as a ‘pit guitarist’ and founded the band Brazil who were featured in a BBC Radio 1 live session from Maida Vale.

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