Divididos – Guanuqueando

Divididos – Guanuqueando

Divididos – Guanuqueando

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Divididos (“The Divided Ones”) is an Argentine rock band. The band was formed in 1988 after the death of Luca Prodan and the consequent dissolution of the band Sumo. Ricardo Mollo (vocals, guitar) and Diego Arnedo (bass guitar) joined drummer Gustavo Collado to form a band named “La División” (The Division), which would be later called “Divididos”.

The group is dubbed La Aplanadora del Rock (The Leveller of Rock) and is known for mixing rock music with Argentine folk music, and cryptic, hard-to-get lyrics.The band started with a lukewarm reception on their debut album, 40 dibujos ahí en el piso (40 drawings there in the floor), which sounded like the British new wave of Sumo.

However, soon the group rose to prominence in the history of Argentine rock, with the release in 1991 of the very different album Acariciando lo áspero (Caressing the rough), furtherly consolidated in 1993 with their politically committed next album La era de la boludez (The age of idiocy), and in 1995 with the psychedelic and experimental Otroletravaladna.

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