Dobrády Ákos feat Emilia – Side by side

Dobrády Ákos feat Emilia – Side by side

Dobrády Ákos feat Emilia – Side by side

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Dobrády Akos (Győr, 1975. September 7 -) Emerton Prize-winning Hungarian singer, the TNT band’s former members

At the age of eight students enrolled Reading, a family cousin learned to play the piano and Akos got a feel of it. His parents supported his love of music and therefore presented with a Viennese piano. In the first four years, he played classics, then switched to pop music.

At the age of sixteen he has been in the hospitality industry, worked through the night in Győr and its surroundings. In addition to the music handball too, after a while, the moment came when he had to choose.

1995 Photo, with his friend and training partner intimate, Zuber Krisztián moved up to Budapest , where a studio Emperor’s predecessor help, you’ve seen a big fantasy of boys, they began preparing their first album.

The album sold 300,000 TNT band, five gold, four platinum and one diamond album boasts. TNT Bang-Bang albums later reached platinum certification and Unplugged (Otherwise) became two-times platinum album.

The Concert in the Small Stadium and went gold. TNT albums include Bang-Bang, Bomb, three, Unplugged In other words, a single word, the Concert and Best Of Little Stadium.

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