Family Style – Looking For A Woman

Family Style – Looking For A Woman

Family Style – Looking For A Woman

Family Style is a blues-rock album by the Vaughan Brothers, released on September 25, 1990. The album features the brethren guitarists and vocalists, Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughan, in their only studio collaboration.

In his early years, Stevie Ray Vaughan often remarked that he would like to do an album with his brother. He fulfilled that wish in his very last studio performance, which was released nearly a month after his death. The liner notes end with “Thanks Mama V. for letting us play.”

Track listing

“Hard to Be” (Stevie Ray Vaughan, Doyle Bramhall) – 4:43
“White Boots” (Billy Swan, Jim Leslie, Deborah Hutchenson) – 3:50
“D/FW” (Jimmie Vaughan) – 2:52
“Good Texan” (J. Vaughan, Nile Rodgers) – 4:22
“Hillbillies from Outerspace” (J. Vaughan, S. R. Vaughan) – 3:42
“Long Way from Home” (S. R. Vaughan, D. Bramhall) – 3:15
“Tick Tock” (J. Vaughan, Rodgers, Jerry Lynn Williams) – 4:57
“Telephone Song” (S. R. Vaughan, Bramhall) – 3:28
“Baboom/Mama Said” (J. Vaughan, S. R. Vaughan, Denny Freeman) – 4:29
“Brothers” (J. Vaughan, S. R. Vaughan) – 5:05


Jimmie Vaughan – Guitar, lap steel guitar, Vocals, Organ
Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar, Vocals
Al Berry – Bass
Larry Aberman – Drums
Doyle Bramhall – Drums
Nile Rodgers – Guitar, Producer
Richard Hilton – Organ
Tawatha Agee – Vocals
Frank Simms – Vocals
George Simms – Vocals
Brenda White-King – Vocals
Curtis King Jr. – Vocals
Preston Hubbard – Upright bass

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