Frank Duval – Touch My Soul

Frank Duval – Touch My Soul

Frank Duval – Touch My Soul

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Frank Duval (born November 22, 1940, Berlin) is a German composer, conductor, record producer, songwriter and singer.

Born into an artists’ family, he studied as an actor and dancer, but also sang with his sister, Maria. By the 1960s, Duval was also composing music, both orchestral and pop, and his first soundtrack, for an episode of the German serial Tatort, was broadcast in 1977.

From his 1979 first album, Die Schönsten Melodien Aus Derrick und der Alte, the song “Todesengel” became a moderate hit.

During the 1980s, Duval released several soundtracks, as well as proper artist albums (with occasional lyrical help from his wife, Kalina Maloyer).

He was in the German charts several times, with “Angel of Mine” (a number one hit in 1981), “Ways” (1983), “Lovers Will Survive” (1986), and “When You Were Mine” (1987).

Duval wrote songs for Ivan Rebroff, Alexandra, Karin Huebner, Margot Werner, Klaus Löwitsch, and Maria Schell.


Die Schönsten Melodien Aus Derrick Und Der Alte (1979)
Angel of Mine (1981)
Face to Face – music from the serials Derrick and Der Alte (1982)
If I Could Fly Away (1983)
Orphee (1983)
Living Like A Cry (1984)
Die Grössten Erfolge (1985) (club edition)
Time for Lovers (1985)
Bitte Laßt Die Blumen Leben (1986)
When You Were Mine (1987)
Love Me, Love (1988)
Greatest Hits (1988, AMIGA)
Touch My Soul (1989)
Seine Grössten Erfolge (1989)
Solitude (1991)
Vision (1994)
Vision (Best Of Frank Duval) (1994)
Derrick Forever (2000)
Angel of Mine (2001)
Spuren (2001) (3 CD-box)
Colour Collection (2006)

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