Genesis – I Can’t Dance

Genesis – I Can’t Dance

Genesis had their first UK top ten and US top 30 single in 1978 with “Follow You Follow Me” and the group continued to gain commercial success with Duke (1980), Abacab (1981), and Genesis (1983), reaching a peak with Invisible Touch (1986), which featured five US top five singles.

Its title track reached number one in the US. After the follow up, We Can’t Dance (1991) and related tour, Collins left Genesis in 1996 to focus on his solo career. Banks and Rutherford recruited Ray Wilson for Calling All Stations (1997), but a lack of success in the US led to a group hiatus.

Banks, Rutherford and Collins reunited for the Turn It On Again Tour in 2007, and together with Gabriel and Hackett were interviewed for the BBC documentary Genesis: Together and Apart in 2014.

Their discography includes fifteen studio and six live albums, six of which topped the UK chart. They have won numerous awards and nominations, including a Grammy Award for Best Concept Music Video with “Land of Confusion”, and inspired a number of tribute bands recreating Genesis shows from various stages of the band’s career. In 2010, Genesis were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Genesis have been cited as a principal influence on the neo-progressive rock subgenre that emerged in the 1980s,[260] featuring bands including Marillion and Pallas.Steve Hackett’s work in Genesis influenced guitarists such as Brian May of Queen, Alex Lifeson of Rush and Edward Van Halen of Van Halen.

Genesis were also an influence on post-punk artists such as Simple Minds and Will Sergeant, guitarist of Echo & the Bunnymen, as well as the electronic new wave band The Human League.

Trey Anastasio of Phish said “It’s impossible to overstate what impact this band and musical philosophy had on me as a young musician. I’m forever in their debt.”Mostly Autumn “fuse the music of Genesis and Pink Floyd” in their sound.The alternative rock band Elbow acknowledge Genesis as an influence, such as on their breakthrough song “Newborn”.

There are a number of Genesis tribute bands, including ReGenesis who focus on the group’s 1970s repertoire and Mama, who cover all eras of the band.

The most successful act has been the Canadian-French band The Musical Box that have been officially endorsed by the band and had Hackett and Collins perform as guests with them. Gabriel has taken his children to see the Musical Box, so “they could see what their father did back then”, while Hackett has said “They not only manage to sound, but look virtually identical”.

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