Get Your Groove On – Barrie Gledden & Kes Loy

Get Your Groove On – Barrie Gledden & Kes Loy

In 1998, Barrie was introduced to the world of production music & instantly knew it was for him. He loves the freedom it gives him to explore different musical genres, getting the same enjoyment from composing an intense atonal documentary piece as playing kazoo on a silly kids romp.

He has now composed exclusively for Audio Network for 12 years & as of Jan 2013 has recorded over 1100 tracks.

A complete gear head, the last few years have been focused on building and equipping his home studio. With the acoustic space designed by Munro Acoustics (Pinewood/Air) and filled with heritage and esoteric equipment as well as some classic equipment from the legendary Sound City studios in Los Angles, Barrie is now able to provide a unique audio styling to all his recordings.

Living in Wakefied, Yorkshire, Barrie likes western horse riding and is a keen amateur photographer. He also once sat next to Lemmy.

Find out what Barrie thinks about writing for Audio Network and the process behind Music Production in the video below.

To listen to and purchase his music please visit -

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