Jorge Cafrune Y Marito – De Mi Madre

Jorge Cafrune Y Marito – De Mi Madre

Jorge Cafrune Y Marito – De Mi Madre

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Jorge Antonio Cafrune ( Perico , Jujuy , 8 August of 1937 – Buenos Aires , Argentina , February 1 of 1978 ), nicknamed “the Turk” was one of the singers folkloric of its most popular Argentine time, and a tireless researcher, collector and disseminator of culture native. Father of Yamila Cafrune .


Cafrune Antonio Jorge Herrera was born into a family of Jujuy Argentina typical gaucho customs and ancestors of Arab origin, in which his paternal and maternal grandparents were immigrants from Syria and Lebanon .

He received the nickname “El Turco” as called their father, a region popular gaucho singing star and knew bagualas Creole hard duels.

He was born in the “La Matilde” of the Sunchal near Perico del Carmen (Jujuy). He attended high school in San Salvador de Jujuy while taking classes of guitar with Nicholas Lamadrid.

He then moved with his family to Salta , and met Luis Alberto Valdez, Thomas Fields and Gilberto Cow, with whom he formed his first group: The Voices of the Huayra.

With this formation recorded in 1957 its first acetate disc in the record company salteña “H. and R.”. At that time they were “discovered” by Ariel Ramirez , who summoned them to accompany him on a tour of Mar del Plata and several provinces.

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