Julia Zenko – Con las alas del alma

Julia Zenko – Con las alas del alma

He took courses in theater Alezzo , Luis Agustoni or Augusto Fernandes .

In 1983 he released his first long play, Vital , and there sang “Letter from a lion to another,” among other topics.

He sang in several Argentine films as garden Passengers with Graciela Borges , Lady anyone with Luisina Brando , not touch the baby (with Andrea del Boca ).

He sang several popular telenovelas curtains María anyone (with Greece Colmenares ), Dulce Ana (with Patricia Palmer ), I’m Gina (with Luisa Kuliok ).

Having sung for novels and movies, I recorded Maria de Buenos Aires, which was an operation tango of Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer, in 1997. That marked a before and after in my career with the tango. I spent many years traveling Europe and countries around the world presenting Maria de Buenos Aires, and so I know in many countries as a tango singer; but the Argentines know that I am an eclectic singer.

I can not sit still in one genre, because late last year saw a new record of mine in which I pay tribute to a singer called Elis Regina, a Brazilian singer who I admire quite some time and is fully recorded in Portuguese. In the repertoire that I sang at the Book Fair. I chose authors of Latin American music, and also incorporated some issues in Portuguese, tango and some songs that are my repertoire over 20 years.

Julia Zenko
He has recorded folklore, ballads, songs with social commitment. In 1995 he won the Konex Award for Best Female Pop and Ballad. 4 In August 1997 he recorded in Austria Maria de Buenos Aires , opera Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Ferrer , playing the leading role, together with the virtuoso violinist European Gidon Kremer (1947-), Jairo and Ferrer himself.

That work was nominated for Grammy awards . The following year, the prestigious musician Yo-Yo Ma , invited her to sing in a series of concerts held in various cities in Japan.

In 1999 Yo-Yo Ma was invited to sing at concerts in different cities in Japan. His album Tango for you (2001) was chosen as one of three best tango of Argentina in the Gardel awards and is also nominated for the Latin Grammy in 2002. That same year, he starred tango opera Orestes Last Tango , released in Holland.

Since 2003 he starred alongside Raul Lavie and Maria Rosa Fugazot , successful musical Zorba the Greek . In the summer of 2004 he performed in the show of the divorced , with which he made ​​an international tour. He has won national and international awards such as the Konex Prize won again in 2005 as Female Solo Pop and Ballad, and won again in 2015.

Always working with charity events and work closely with human rights in Argentina and abroad. He has two daughters.

He lives near the station Coghlan.

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