Maggie Reilly – Moonlight Shadow

Maggie Reilly – Moonlight Shadow

 Maggie Reilly – Moonlight Shadow

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Maggie Reilly (born 15 September 1956) is a Scottish singer best known for her collaborations with the composer and instrumentalist Mike Oldfield.

Most notably, she performed lead vocals on Oldfield’s songs “Family Man” and “Moonlight Shadow”, international hits in the early 1980s.

Reilly first came to prominence as a member of the 1970s white-soul outfit Cado Belle (previously named Joe Cool), and released one album with them in 1976.

She is best known for her collaborations with the composer Mike Oldfield between 1980 and 1984, especially by co-writing and performing the vocals on “Family Man” (and other tracks on the album Five Miles Out), “Moonlight Shadow”, “Foreign Affair”, and “To France”.

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