Marc Anthony – Aguanile

Marc Anthony – Aguanile

Muñiz began his career as a session vocalist for freestyle and Underground New York house music acts. After changing his name to avoid confusion with his namesake, Anthony worked as a songwriter and backing vocalist for pop acts including Menudo and the Latin Rascals.

His first album was a freestyle music record, “Rebel,” which debuted in 1988 on Bluedog Records. That same year he wrote and produced “Boy I’ve Been Told” for fellow freestyle artist Sa-Fire. Then in 1989, he sang backup vocals for Ann-Marie on the freestyle club hit, “With or Without You” produced by Little Louie Vega and Todd Terry.

A year later in 1990, with Little Louie Vega and Todd Terry, Marc wrote a duet with Chrissy I-eece, called “You Should Know By Now.”

In 1992, still working with Todd Terry, he provided vocals for “Love Change,” which is on the flip-side of a 12″ vinyl released by Elan and The Powermachine titled “Here’s Your Hat,” production of Todd Terry.

At the same time, he collaborated with music producer Little Louie Vega, who featured the singer on many freestyle-flavored club hits “Ride On The Rhythm” and the “When The Night Is Over” album, which featured the Freestyle classic “Time.” In 1992, Vega and Anthony opened for Latin bandleader Tito Puente at New York’s Madison Square Garden. After 1992, he changed his style from freestyle to salsa and other Latin styles.


Anthony performing at the White House in 2009
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External audio
You may listen to Marc Anthony’s interpretation of Hernandez’ “Preciosa” here
and “Lamento Borincano” here
Rebel (1988)
When the Night is Over (1991)
Otra Nota (1993)
Todo a Su Tiempo (1995)
Contra la Corriente (1997)
Marc Anthony (1999)
Libre (2001)
Mended (2002)
Amar Sin Mentiras (2004)
Valió la Pena (2004)
El Cantante (2007)
Iconos (2010)
3.0 (2013)

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