Orient Expressions – Lodos

Orient Expressions – Lodos

Orient Expressions – Lodos

[arve url=”//vk.com/video_ext.php?oid=281706393&id=456240414&hash=76346ed7e3edb02c&hd=2″ thumbnail=”28243″ title=”Orient Expressions – Lodos” description=”Orient Expressions , Lodos , ethnic, electronic” /]

DJ Yakuza (Can Utkan), Cem Yıldız, Richard Hamer and Murat consisting Uncuoğlu Orient Expressions, “ethnic – electronic” is responsible for the music genre called.

Group in Istanbul Rock’n Coke, now in Berlin / Now Festival and La Mar de Musicas Festival in Spain and in Germany gave a concert in the Jazz a la Turca Festivals.

Orient Expressions gave various mixed parts on the album until now sold abroad. The Kurdish word the same is voiced by nature “Dera Ask” “East to West”, “Lodos” “Global Sunset” and “Silk Routh Café”, Duaz Imam is “Asian Garden” took place in the album.

Turkish folk music Sabahat Akkiraz together with the international reputation they launched their second album “corpus” in May of 2006 took place in the music market.

“Corpus” Akkiraz from te minstrelsy tradition, announced the Anatolian folk music with the electronic infrastructure over the world to review the Orient Expressions.

In 2008, “Broken Hearts album” filed his latest album on the market. In this album, since the group has also been accompanied by vocal coach and Jhelis.


Sofas (Double Moon Records)
Imam Duaz
Question of Dera
Kirkuk Court
In İnetrlu
Beats of the Opera
Taken Live
Broken Hearts album (Double Moon Records)
As water
What happens Return
Rewind Me
From Şehris
Trouble Düştüm
Another Love
Empty Pavilion
Falling in love
Rewind Me
As water (instrumental)

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