Peter Kater – Spirit

Peter Kater – Spirit

Peter Kater – Spirit

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Peter Kater is a German-born American composer, songwriter-singer and pianist who has several times been nominated for Grammy awards. He has spent the majority of his professional life living in Boulder, Colorado.

He collaborated with R. Carlos Nakai in 1992 for the album Migration (released Silver Wave Records, January 1, 1992). His social contributions are virtually unparalleled, having brought greater awareness to the environment and the plight of Native Americans.

This helped bring him the prestigious Environmental Leadership Award from the United Nations. He has also inspired a broad number of aspiring young musicians throughout his life (see Koto Jazz). He is a nine-time Grammy Award winning nominee, and most recently, his CD Illumination was nominated for the Best New Age Album of 2013.


1989 Beyond the Edge (documentary) Song Performer: Spirit
1991 Scenes from a Mall (feature film) Song Performer: Deck the Halls
1994 Natural Born Killers (feature film) Songwriter and Performer: Earth
2006 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (documentary) Original music score, singing, music recording, piano, synthesizers
2007 Where the Indian Lies (short) Composition
2009 Gray Eagles (video short) Composition, music engineering
2010 The Legend of Secret Pass Music

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