Ricky Shayne – Mamy Blue

Ricky Shayne – Mamy Blue

Ricky Shayne – Mamy Blue

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Ricky Shayne ( 4. June 1944 in Cairo; civil George Albert Tabett) is a French pop singer, who was successful in the 1970s in the German-speaking countries.

Ricky Shayne, son of a Lebanese and a French woman, grew up in Lebanon and came as a 15-year-old with his mother to Paris, where he studied for two years singing.

Later, Ricky Shayne was in Italy, where he had first successes as a singer. In 1965 he landed there a Top Ten hit with Uno dei mods. For Stanotte he received a gold record.

Through his participation in the movie Seventeen, blonde hair in 1966 with Udo Jürgens he came to Germany. Here he took his 1967 take notice transmitting first plate in German on: I bust all the chains came immediately into the charts.

Giorgio Moroder and Michael Holm who two years later had her breakthrough, created music and lyrics. Also due to its external appearance Ricky Shayne was a favorite of teenagers.

1969 Other titles Shayne’s placed in the middle of the charts, which has not seen the world, it is a beggar to the king and I’m not compliments. Then eventually, in 1971 came the biggest success for Shayne.

He took the title Mamy Blue of Pop Tops on in German. So that he could more charts storm and came z. B. in the ZDF Hit Parade at No. 1. In the same year he played in the film comedy Hurrah, we are once again bachelors! The Hippie Ricci Sporetti.

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