Ricky Shayne – Mamy Blue

Ricky Shayne – Mamy Blue

The following photos were then but only earns respect and Ricky Shayne was no longer seen on the hit stage for years. However, he played in 1975 in the episode Calcutta the television detective series Derrick with.

Then he emigrated to the USA in order to begin a new career there. Later, he was sometimes still be seen in various Oldie broadcasts on German television and heard.

In 1989 he celebrated a little comeback when he with Dieter Bohlen song Once I’m Gonna Stay Forever for the ZDF-series rival Racecourse resumed. The song was released both as singles and on the soundtrack album for the series.

The soundtrack became the most successful album to a German TV series. In addition to the Single Ricky Shayne took an alternate version of the title Samuraj on, originally created by Nino de Angelo came.

1984 sold Shayne and his wife own design fashion in a shop in Dusseldorf.Shayne operating meantime a drinks kiosk in Düsseldorf district of Flingern, but he gave up after one and a half years.

paints as a hobby Shayne and records for several years and had 2010 in Dusseldorf with an exhibition graphics titled Ricky Shayne. The Outsider.He is married since the 1980s and has three children with his wife.

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