Rurutia – Opus

Rurutia – Opus

Rurutia – Opus

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Rurutia is a Japanese singer/songwriter.

She began her career in 2001 with the release of the single “Itoshigo yo” when she was signed to Toshiba-EMI. She is currently[when?] signed to Phoerix Records and has released twelve albums and eleven singles.

Rurutia is an intensely private artist; most aspects of her life – such as her age and her real name – are not known to the public. This, added to her whispered vocals, creates a unique and mysterious atmosphere around her.

Her pseudonym, Rurutia, is derived from the Tahitian word rorotea meaning “blissful rain”.


Itoshigo yo [愛し子よ] (6 October 2001)
Lost Butterfly [ロスト バタフライ] (6 December 2001)
Yuruginai Utsukushii Mono [ゆるぎない美しいもの] (26 June 2002)
Suzaku no Sora [朱雀の空] (30 September 2002)
Shine [シャイン] (22 January 2003)
Träumerei [トロイメライ] (29 October 2003)
Primary [プライマリー] (2 March 2005)
Spinel [スピネル] (21 November 2005)
Hohoemi no MARIA [微笑みのマリア] (26 January 2006)
Reirei Tenohira [玲々テノヒラ] (31 May 2006)
Pluie [プリュイ] (26 June 2013)
Don’t Look at The Color (18 November 2015)
R° (6 March 2002)
エレメンツ (Elements)
知恵の実 (Chie no Mi/A Fruit of Knowledge)
愛し子よ (Itoshigo yo/My Beloved Child)
ロスト バタフライ (Lost Butterfly)
赤いろうそく (Akai Rōsoku/A Red Candle)
雨の果て (Ame no Hate/The End of the Rain)
僕の宇宙 君の海 (Boku no Uchū Kimi no Umi/My Universe, Your Ocean)
僕らの箱庭 (Bokura no Hakoniwa/Our Miniature Garden)
銀の炎 (Gin no Honoo/Silver Flame)
ハートダンス (Heart Dance)

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