Salvatore Adamo – Her Yerde Kar Var

Salvatore Adamo – Her Yerde Kar Var

Salvatore Adamo – Her Yerde Kar Var

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Salvatore Adamo, known as Adamo (born 1 November 1943, Comiso, Sicily, Italy), is a Belgian-based composer and singer of Italian ancestry.

He first gained popularity throughout Europe and later in the Middle East, Latin America, Japan, and the United States. He has sold more than 80 million albums and 20 million singles making him one of the most commercially successful musicians in the world.

He mainly performs in French but has also sung in English, German, Italian, Spanish and Turkish. “Tombe la neige”, “La nuit”, and “Inch’Allah remain his best known songs. He is currently the best selling Belgian musician of all time.

Adamo’s father Antonio, a well digger, emigrated to Belgium in February 1947 to work in the mines of Marcinelle, and four months later his wife, Concetta, and their son, Adamo, joined him in the town of Ghlin (Mons) before moving to Jemappes (Mons). In 1950, Adamo was bedridden for a year with meningitis.

Adamo’s parents did not want their son to become a miner, and he went to a Catholic school run by the Frères des Ecoles Chrétiennes. By 1960, the family of Antonio and Concetta Adamo had seven children overall. Adamo grew up in Jemappes (Mons) where he was a dedicated student at school and distinguished himself in music and the arts.

Adamo’s early influences were the poetry of Victor Hugo and Jacques Prévert, the music of French singer-songwriters like Georges Brassens, and the Italian canzonette.

He started singing and composing his own songs from an early age. His debut was in a Radio Luxembourg competition, where he participated as singer and composer of the song “Si j’osais” (“If I dared”) winning the competition’s final held in Paris on 14 February 1960.

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