Samantha Fish – I Put A Spell On You

Samantha Fish – I Put A Spell On You

Samantha Fish – I Put A Spell On You

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Samantha Fish (Born 1989) is an American blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter from Kansas City, Missouri
Fish started to play the drums when she was about 13.

After a couple years, she switched to guitar , subsequently teaching herself the instrument and worked hard to perfect her guitar skills which she continues to this day . She also went to a vocal coach to improve her singing .


Fish was brought up in a household that was always filled with classic rock music such as The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty and cites songwriting influences in John Hiatt and Tom Waits with Angus Young and Stevie Ray Vaughan as early influences on the guitar.

Kansas City is known as a blues town (Kansas City Blues) and when Fish realized that she wanted to make a living as a musician, she reluctantly began incorporating blues standards into her shows.

She ended up falling in love with the genre however, creating a basis for inspiration early in her musical life. She then proceeded to do her homework listening to blues musicians further back in time, including Skip James, Son House and Charlie Patton.

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