Supermax – Love Is Deeper

Supermax – Love Is Deeper

Supermax – Love Is Deeper

Supermax was a project of Austrian musician and producer, Kurt Hauenstein (1949–2011), best known for “Lovemachine”, a 1977 German #4 single, that peaked at #6 in Switzerland, #9 in Austria and #96 in US.

The first members of the band were Kurt Hauenstein (Mini Moog, vocals), Hans Ochs (guitar), Ken Taylor (bass guitar), Lothar Krell (keyboards), Peter Koch (percussion), Jürgen Zöller (drums) and the singers Cee Cee Cobb and Jean Graham.

After Ken Taylor left the band in 1979, Kurt Hauenstein returned back to his origin music instrument, the bass guitar. Later, Bernadet Onore Eben and Jessica Hauenstein, the daughter of Kurt Hauenstein, joined the group as backing vocal singers.

In 1981, Supermax toured as the first mixed-race band through South Africa for 21 gigs. Despite warnings and death threats, Supermax finished the tour, but this made some countries refuse permits for entry, and consequently the group was black-listed by some political organizations.

In 1983, Supermax was invited to play as special guest from Europe at the Reggae Sunsplash Festival in Montego Bay, Jamaica.


1976: Don’t Stop the Music
1977: World of Today
1979: Fly with Me
1980: Types of Skin
1981: Meets the Almighty
1983: Electricity
1986: Something in My Heart
1988: Just Before the Nightmare
1990: World of Tomorrow – Hansa
1992: Tha Max Is Gonna Kick Ya
1993: One and All
1995: 3 Club-CDs: Spirits of Love, Living in a World, Magnetic Rhythm
1997: Supermax – 20th Anniversary
1998: “YAKU” Total Immigration
2001: Terminal 2002
2007: Remaxed Vol. 1
2007: Remaxed Vol. 2
2008: Supermax – Best Of

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